University in presently working on different self sponsored Major & Minor research projects under three Schools.

Major Research Projects

Sl. No


Project Title


Public Policy and Law

“Problems and Prospects of Justice Delivery System in India.”


Entrepreneurship and Management

“A Diagnostic Study of the Problems and Prospects of Cooperative Societies in Assam.”


Entrepreneurship and Management

“Study on competitiveness of products & services of SMEs and promoting entrepreneurs for SMEs of Assam.”


Innovation and Technology

“Condition monitoring of agricultural product through deep learning.”


Minor Research Projects

  1. Protection and Preservation of wetlands in Sivasagar
  2. A Study on Biomedical Waste Management System in Different Hospitals of Sivasagar District and its effect on Environment
  3. Study on the Legislative Policies for the Protection of Historical Monuments of Sivasagar District
  4. Effectiveness of Solid Waste Management Rules under Swatch Bharat Mission Implemented in the Sivasagar town
  5. A Study on Environment Pollutant within Sivasagar Town
  6. Development of smart irrigation system using IoT technology for local farmers
  7. Designing sensor based ARGUOM campus to attain the goal of smart campus
  8. An agile approach towards software designing for effective functioning of university system
  9. Development of online platform for marketing of ethnic products of self-help groups in Sivasagar, Assam
  10. Marketing prospects of Local dairy products and their competitiveness: A study in Sivsagor district.
  11. A study of value-added products of black rice products in Assam
  12. Implementation and feasibility of Geographical Indication at the Kotoky Papong village of Sivasagar District
  13. Identification and Commercialization prospects of different Underutilized Horticulture Crops
  14. Multi parametric profiling of select local fruit juices of Assam: An empirical study based on customer perception and preference
  15. Value-added tea products for premium market creation for the Tea Start Ups of Assam
  16. A study on branding and repositioning of assamese ethnic snacks in refrence to its health attributes.
  17. Advertising & marketing of the already considered food items
  18. Marketing and Positioning Strategies for The Ethnic Products & Services of Women Self Help Groups of Sivasagar District
  19. A study on development of green advertising for the local entrepreneurs of Sivasagar