Dr. Deepom Baruah

Assistant Professor, HoD(i/c)

Constitutional and Administrative Law

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Name: Dr. Deepom Baruah

Designation: Assistant Professor, HoD(i/c)

Qualification: LL.M, UGC-NET, PhD


Area of Specialization: Constitutional and Administrative Law

Subject taught: Constitutional Law, Legal Research Methodology, human rights

Other qualification:

  1. Completed Certificate course in Child Rights Theory and Practice, Havard University.
  2. Completed Certificate course in Intellectual Property Rights, WIPO, Switzerland.

  1. Books: Published one book titled “Criminalization of Politics: In Search for an Answer” by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
  2. Research papers/articles:
  • Published an Article on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in India: A socio legal Analysis in International Journal of Management and Social Science, ISSN No-2322-0899, Impact Factor – 1.142.
  • Published an Article on R Ambedkar: The Architect of the Indian Constitution in International Journal of Management and Social Science, ISSN No-2322-0899, Impact factor- 1.142
  • Published an article on “Environmental Protection and sustainable development I India” in Dibrugarh University Law Journal (peer reviewed), 2014, ISSN No- 2348-6597.
  • Published an article on ‘Commercial Surrogacy in India’ in Indian Human Rights Law Review, (Peer Reviewed) vol no- 3, No-2, 2012, ISSN No – 2230-7036.
  • Published an Article on Immoral Trafficking: A Social Legal Menace in Vidyasthali Law Journal, Vol – IX, 2011, Rajasthan. ISSN NO – 0975-4210.
  • Published an article on “Right to information and good governance” Annual journal of NEIPSA vol xviii 2009-2010
  • Published an article in an Edited book “Women Harassment Causes and Remedies” Shanti Educational Foundation, Guwahati, ISBN-93-83580-24-8.
  • Published an article tittled “Ethos of Environmental protection in India: A Constitutional and judicial approach, in an Edited book “Sustainable development and environmental governances” Adhyayan publishers, New Delhi, ISBN-978-818435-581-19.